The 1st Daytona 500 (1959)

I am attempting to model all 59 cars (17 different bodies) that ran in the first Daytona 500.  Authenticity of each car is what I'm after.  I've gathered all the photos/movie clips I could find and organized them in the grid below. If the status is listed as 'complete' .. I have all the info I need.  Otherwise .. you can click on the 'Status' link to see what I have so far.  Please email me at with any info that can help me complete each car.  As an incentive .. I will pay $5 for a photo/info that helps complete a car (paid through paypal only) -or- get a $10 credit towards any product on my site.  Please note that if multiple info comes in for a car .. only the first photo/info will get paid/credited.

# Driver Sponsor / Owner Car Type Status
1 Speedy Thompson Steve Pierce '57 Chevrolet Hardtop Need sharp B/W photo
2 Jimmy Thompson Bruce Thompson '57 Chevrolet Conv Need color info
3 Fireball Roberts Jim Stephens '59 Pontiac Hardtop Complete
4 Rex White Idewild Homes '59 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
6 Cotton Owens W.H. Watson '58 Pontiac Hardtop Complete
7 Jim Reed Jim Reed '59 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
8 Johnny Allen   '57 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
9 Roy Tyner Roy Tyner '57 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
10 Elmo Langley Ratus Walters '57 Ford Hardtop Need better photo
11 Junior Johnson Paul Spaulding '57 Ford Hardtop Complete
14 Ken Rush Manley Britt '57 Mercury Conv Complete
15 Tim Flock Beau Morgan '59 T-Bird Hardtop Complete
16 Jim McGuirk Happy Steigel '59 Pontiac Hardtop Complete
18 Charley Griffith Red Bank '57 Pontiac Hardtop Complete
19 Herman Beam Herman Beam '57 Chevrolet Hardtop Need better photo
21 Glen Wood Wood Brothers '58 Ford Conv Complete
24 Bob Potter Bob Potter '59 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
25 Gene White Gene White '57 Chevrolet Conv Complete
29 Dick Freeman Dick Freeman '59 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
32 Brownie King Jess Potter '58 Chevrolet Conv Complete
33 George Green City Motors '57 Chevrolet Conv Need trunk photo
36 Pete Kelly Pete Kelly '57 Chevrolet Conv Need all info
37 Eduardo Dibos Peru '59 T-Bird Hardtop Complete
38 Raul Cilloniz Raul Cilloniz '59 T-Bird Hardtop Need all info
39 Billy Carden Davis Brothers '57 Mercury Conv Complete
41 Curtis Turner Delta Auto Sales '59 T-Bird Hardtop Complete
42 Lee Petty Petty Engineering '59 Oldsmobile Hardtop Complete
43 Richard Petty Petty Engineering '57 Oldsmobile Conv Complete
45 Paul Bass   '58 Edsel Conv Complete
47 Jack Smith Jack Smith '59 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
48 Joe Weatherly E.C. Wilson '59 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
49 Bob Welborn W.J. Ridgeway '59 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
50 Gober Sosebee Cherokee Garage '57 Chevrolet Conv Complete
53 Ken Johnson Charles French '57 Ford Hardtop Complete
55 Ben Benz Bernard Friedland '57 Chevrolet Conv Need better photo
59 Tom Pistone Rupert Safety Belt '59 T-Bird Hardtop Complete
64 Fritz Wilson Museum of Speed '59 T-Bird Hardtop Complete
66 Dick Foley Dick Foley '59 Chevrolet Hardtop Need better photo
69 Harold Smith   '59 Studebaker Hardtop Complete
71 Dick Joslin Dick Joslin '57 Dodge Hardtop Complete
72 Bobby Johns Shorty Johns '57 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
73 Johnny Beauchamp Roy Burdick '59 T-Bird Hardtop Complete
74 L.D. Austin L.D. Austin '57 Chevrolet Hardtop Need sharp B/W photo
75 Ken Marriott Ken Marriott '58 Ford Conv? Need better photo
76 Larry Frank Carolina Plating '58 Ford Conv Complete
77 Joe Lee Johnson Honest Charley '57 Chevrolet Conv Complete
79 Larry Odo Larry Odo '57 Ford Conv Need color info
80 Bob Rose Sam Arena '57 Chevrolet Hardtop Need color info
81 Bernie Hentges Bernie Hentges '59 DeSoto Hardtop Complete
82 Joe Eubanks Don Every '58 Ford Conv Need better photo
83 Bob Pronger Bob Pronger '58 Ford Hardtop Need all info
86 Carl Tyler Carl Tyler '57 Ford Hardtop Need sharp B/W photo
87 Buck Baker Buck Baker '59 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
88 Tiny Lund Buck Baker '59 Chevrolet Hardtop Complete
89 Bob Said   '58 Chevrolet Conv Need better photo
92 Wilbur Rakestraw B.J. Jones '57 Ford Conv Need better photo
95 Bob Duell Julian Buesink '59 Ford Hardtop Complete
98 Marvin Panch Tom Vernon '58 Ford Conv Complete
99 Shorty Rollins Shorty's '58 Ford Conv Complete